August 2018

Known to many as the gateway to the Mekong delta, this small city is located roughly 70 km south west of HCMC. Situated on the banks of the Tien branch of the Mekong river the area is crisscrossed by narrow

After it 4800km journey from the Tibetan Plateau the Mekong River splits up into nine branches, “Cuu Long”, and empties into the South China Sea. The area from the Cambodian border, where the river enters Vietnam, to the coast is

Infamous in the 1960s as part of the ‘iron triangle’ this area is located a mere 40km north west of HCMC. Work on the resistance tunnels began in the 1940s, and they would be utilized by the Viet Minh and

This area is home to several waterfalls and local, minority villages that can be visited by riding on elephants. Also tea, coffee and fruit plantations proliferate among glorious scenery and rare flora and fauna

The capital of Laos is on the Mekong River; this cosmopolitan city is the seat of government and the cultural and commercial centre. There are many, not to be missed, beautiful Buddhist wats and memorable monuments; plus a smorgasbord of

A mountainous area with some caves and waterfalls, but most famous for the Plain of Jars. Huge jars carved from stone and weighing up to 6 tonne each litter the plains; the origins and original use of these stone-age artifacts

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