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About Us


Indochina Horizon Travel was founded in 2010 by a group of friends who have many years working in travel and tourism as tour guides, tour designers and operators. As Vietnam opens its door to welcome the world at large, all of us share the same passion for introducing our multi-cultural friends to a fascinating country of rich cultural diversity surrounded by beautiful nature, charming local people, and stories of past and present over 4,000 years of continuous history.

Our Mission

We strive to help you gain a today look of Vietnam as a unique and historic travel destination portrayed by the colorful cultural heritage and beautiful places, instead of the haunting images of a war-torn land usually seen.

Whether or not you are a travel connoisseur, our professional service caters to whatever needs you have and aims to help you make the most of your holiday. We make sure you sense the vibrant, modern beauty beyond the traditional culture of Vietnam.

In every place we will be with you, our various introductions, stories and demonstrations of unique local foods, rich culture and scenic areas promise to add texture to your travel experience and keep your life in perspective.

New Horizon. New Solution

It is our responsibility and foremost mission to enhance the well being of those we serve. We advise on travel planning and provide the best tour programs/ packages to help you come to grips with any travel issues and financial difficulties while diving deeper into the local culture.

Tours in Laos, Cambodia

Besides Vietnam, Indochina Horizon Travel will help you discover a surprising Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar in a delightful and delicious way that you never could have imagined, whilst ensuring that your travel is relaxing, comfortable and hassle free.

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