Hoi An

The delightful town of Hoi An is a highlight of any visit to Viet Nam. The town stands on the banks of the Thu Bon River, some thirty kms southeast of Da Nang. Around the fifteenth century, this old port town in the kingdom of Champa was known as Faifo. By the seventeenth century Hoi An was one of the busiest ports in South East Asia, with Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, French and English merchants visiting the town in search of spices, lacquer ware and ceramics. Enriched by the proceeds of this trade many merchants constructed beautiful homes. One can admire the charming houses along Tran Phu street, one of the oldest in Hoi An, as part of a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets of this atmospheric old town. Now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the town is full of architectural gems that show a range of influences. Visit the the famous Japanese bridge, the Fujian temple and the fish market, which is best seen early in the morning. Round off a memorable experience with a sunset boat ride on the Thu Bon River, for the chance to view some beautiful rural scenery.

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