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At Indochina Horizon Travel we can organise everything you will need to get the most out of your time in Vietnam.

All types and tastes of travel and accommodation can be arranged; hostel to 5 star. Guides and translators, tours, air and rail tickets, transport and transfers, a cyclo or a helicopter that seats 20 and everything in between, meals and museums. Individuals, families, large groups and small. Travel for pleasure, culture, work, study or a getaway. Long time or short time – make sure its a good time by letting us take out the hassle and guesswork.

Choose from our range of itineraries that cover the whole country or the destination or region you are particularly interested in.

All itineraries will be tailored to your arrival and departure dates with extras or exclusions at your request.

Hotel booking

We can book rooms for you at any hotels of your choice or you can give us a few details on where, when, how much you’d like to spend and your other interests and we will recommend several good hotels in your range. You can take a look at their websites and see what you like, compare prices and then get back to us with your choice.


Whether it is an airport pick-up or transfer to any location in Vietnam and no matter if you travel as an individual or in a big group, we can arrange all types of transport to and/or from anywhere in Vietnam. Car, van and bus rental ranging from 4 to 45 seats always includes a driver and modern high quality vehicles.

For any request regarding transpotation, simply let us know and you will get the best options recommended to you by our experienced staff along with prices and timing.


Most visitors to Vietnam need a visa to enter the country. Getting visas in your home country (if it has an embassy) can be time consuming and expensive.

Indochina Horizon Travel can arrange “visa on arrival” for you in advance.

The process goes like this:

* You give us you passport details and dates,


* we send you a copy of the approval to print out and carry (to be allowed on the plane in to get to Vietnam)

* WHEN YOU GET TO VN IMMIGRATION YOU SHOW THEM THE APPROVAL they will take you to an office at one side and put your visa in your passport immediately.

Cost $15 to us ( Indochina Horizon ) and $45 at immigration – there you go – your passport never leaves your hand and you don’t have to take or send it anywhere!!(COST FOR 1MONTH/SINGLE ENTRY VISA)

You need to carry 2 passport sized photos with you or pay for them to be taken on arrival. Multi entry and longer duration Visas are also available: prices on request


We are able to purchase all internal and international air as well as rail and even bus tickets for you in advance and deliver them to your hotel when you arrive.

Tour guides

Although Vietnam is a very safe, friendly and welcoming country to travel in, many visitors find that they get more out of their travel by having a guide go with them and help discover what lies below the surface.

Apart from the obvious- explaining the history and culture of the tour – a good guide will be a link between the visitor and the real people – translating for you with anybody you meet and explaining the context and the detail of every day life and interaction.
They will also be your “minder” – they know when you need a drink or a rest – they know when you are enjoying yourself or in the middle of something and need more time – they quickly learn what interests you and how much depth you want.
All guides are registered with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism which means they have passed an exhaustive course (2 months for Tourism graduates and 6 months for other graduates). They are polite and respectful yet pro-active and fun. We offer guide services in English, French, and other languages as well as specialty guides who are experts in various fields including fine art and history.

Specific requests

If you have a specific interest be it art, history, cooking or whatever we will do our utmost to design your tour to include (or be totally about) whatever you like.

We have taken war veterans to old battle sites, pilgrims to pagodas, students to visit schools and forestry experts to the forest. Organised visits to artists’ private studios and visits to charity organisations to give donations. Whatever red tape or permission is required, whatever introductions are sought, we will take care of everything so that you can enjoy a rich and fulfilling experience.

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